See chartbeat data overlaid on your site

Today we’re happy to unveil the latest gadget on chartbeat labs: Chartbeat for Google Chrome. It’s a Google Chrome extension that allows you overlay chartbeat data directly on your page, without having to leave your site. The chartbeat extension gives you the option of either seeing the page you are on or the site in full, with information about visits, referrers and engagement baked in.

Here’s a screenshot of it in action on

Once installed you’ll see a chartbeat icon to the right of your Location bar. If it has a little grey question-mark icon, then you need to log into your chartbeat account. Once you are logged in the icon will show you a green square if you are on a page that you have chartbeat access to, whereas pages that you don’t have access to will show you a red square.

Chartbeat Chrome Icons.png

Enjoy and let us know what you think or twitter!

For Firefox and Safari users we also have a bookmarklet version.

chartbeat Labs code

We recently introduced chartbeat Labs, and have gotten a lot of positive feedback on the Big Board. Keep the feedback coming! We will also be adding plenty more experiments over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Today we also added the source code behind both the Big Board and a small map example, both on GitHub. We’d love to see your forks of our experiments or your own projects using chartbeat APIs too. Please let us know if you have created something on labs@.

We also recently gave a talk about our labs and architecture (and chartbeat in general) at the New York Times Times Open 2.0, the slides can be found here:

Announcing chartbeat labs

We’re proud to present our labs section here at chartbeat. This is where we test new things, that might or might not turn in to full-fledged products some day. A chance for us to show some of our many cool ideas to the world.
The first labs project is “the big board”(1):


chartbeat big board for


It is meant to be used on a big monitor without user interaction, and constantly shows an overview of the top pages of your site in real time. If you are a customer you can open the big board for all your domains on If you are not a customer you can see a demo of the big board for
This is just the first of many labs projects. We hope to add many more in the coming months!