Fox News Sees Its Highest Traffic Ever

Yup, we’re talking about election night. Still. Why? Because holy smokes did it absolutely destroy every record ever or what? Well, a lot of them anyway.

While we never ever ever share our client’s individual data – we are incredibly excited (sometimes more than the newsrooms themselves) when they have great nights. CNN, Politico, and Fox News all saw amazing traffic surges that night, and we couldn’t be happier of them. These guys are some of the best in the business and to see all that hard work and talent pay off in a matter of hours makes the whole Chartteam feel like proud mamas.

A couple of our favorite quotes:

Jeff Misenti states that Fox News hit 1.2 million concurrents had its best night ever….”We were prepared for a traffic increase, but it was surprising. The numbers were higher than expected,” said Jeff Misenti, vp and gm of Fox News Digital. According to Misenti, between 8 p.m. until well past midnight,’s Chartbeat consistently recorded around 1.2 million concurrent users on the site.

CNN watched how their Twitter presence drove serious traffic to their site

For CNN, the traffic bump was also no doubt buoyed by the network’s dominant Twitter presence. At 24,000 mentions, CNN was cited more than any other news network. And John King, thanks to his deft electoral map maneuvering, became a one-man Twitter trend as the night rolled on, even picking up some sponsored ad buys from a third party.

Politico was incredible to watch as they crushed their typical site performance

Politico Live, the site’s foray into original video, was streamed 108,000 times (the show also aired on C-SPAN).

As Doug from our Chartcorps stated, “I don’t think we’ve ever seen a publisher increase their concurrent traffic so dramatically in such a short period of time. Politico’s search and social traffic was incredible to watch.”

We’re looking forward to the next event that will put the 2012 election to shame. Make sure y’all are prepped to take advantage of it all right when it happens.

2 thoughts on “Fox News Sees Its Highest Traffic Ever

  1. These numbers sound great, what are their normal concurrent sessions? Curious how much larger than normal they were.

    Also curious with the ADD we all seemed to have on election night, how long were people engaged on one particular site?

    • We can’t share their data – baseline or otherwise, unfortunately. So all I can say is that they were big jumps. :)
      You’re spot on that engagement is what matters. We’re starting to see more and more the ties between engagement and a more loyal audience. In this case honestly, the amount of engaged time varied by site. Both in the actual time and the time relative to their baseline. Which for an event like this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in my opinion. You want content that keeps people’s attention as much as it’s beneficial to be a go-to to get quick facts. Thoughts?

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