Our next big thing starts now: Chartbeat iOS App 2.0 (v1)

UPDATE: 12.5.2012

Two months later and we’re back. Thanks to everyone who wrote in, tweeted, or just downloaded the app. It’s been great to hear your thoughts and today we’re pushing out our first round of changes based on them.

While we heard really nice things about the app the first time through (thanks!) we found out pretty quickly that something was missing: context. Doing unusually well was cool but you needed something more, you needed to know why and what caused it… well we heard you and we got you. So meet the notable changes of this little release: a historical traffic chart and acceleration markers.

Swipe the dial to the left to see how your site has performed over the day compared to the previous week and get a feel for how big your spike really is. But a look back isn’t enough – you need to see the rush as it’s happening so we’ve got acceleration markers in there to show you which pages (or sites if you’ve got a couple of those) are growing and how quickly that’s happening. The more arrows up you see the faster that page is shooting up. If you see a bunch of arrows pointing up hold on – it’s about to get great.

So that’s it for now. A little release full of fixes and some stuff to let you know if what’s happening is special or just one of those weird internet blips. Keep the ideas coming and we’ll do the rest. More soon.

Original Post

So let’s get the most important thing out of the way first: the new Charbeat iOS App is available for all Chartbeat and Chartbeat Publishing users and you can download it here.

Second most important thing? Hold steady Android and Windows phone users. We’ll be getting stuff your way soon too.

Okay? We’re good? Awesome. Let’s do this then.

This April we relaunched Chartbeat and changed way more than the look – we changed what Chartbeat could do. We moved past just counting people on the page and asking you to fill in the rest and focused on making it super easy for you to take action with that info.

Sadly our iPhone app lagged behind and that had to change.

But after talking to a bunch of you guys, it turned out you’re not using your iPhones as “mobile command centers” with all the manipulation and consideration you did with the desktop dashboard. When you were on the go, you just wanted to get the pulse of your site. To know if everything was normal or – if it wasn’t – why and what to do about it. And that’s what our new app is about. Only the stuff you need and as quickly as possible.

So download it, log into your Chartbeat account, and you’ll see everything you need to know about your site all on one screen.

Scroll across your top traffic sources to see where people are coming from and scroll down to see where they’re all going.

Even better you can click on any of those things and we’ll give you all the deeper information you want.

Only the most essential information up front so you always know what’s going on.

And to that end we’re introducing the first of our big mobile changes: the traffic benchmark.

Your dial now has a gray band on it – this is your usual range of traffic for the current time and day. If you’re below that something is probably not going as planned and you should take a look to see what you can change. But if you’re above, congratulations! Something cool is going down. You shouldn’t have to know your exact traffic for Saturdays at 9pm…that’s our job. Yours is to focus on what’s next.

A little (totally public) secret for you: this is just the start; we’ve got so much more coming.

With this first version we wanted to give you a really great mobile dashboard experience. Now that that’s done we get to do the fun part – we get to create totally new things. Push notifications, configurable alerts, new kinds of data… there’s a whole bunch of stuff on its way and we can’t wait to show it to you. We’re pretty psyched on our plans but we absolutely want to hear yours too. So that what we make is the stuff you truly want. So please. Please, please, please reach out and tell us what would make this app the one of your real-time dreams.

Now go, go, go download the app and – seriously – let us know what you think. You can email me thoughts or get in touch with our awesome Chartcorps to learn how use this thing better. There’s a ton of really cool stuff to be done so let’s do it together.

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