Announcing Our Partnership with Acquia: Real-time action right where you post on Drupal

We’re pretty excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Acquia! Now your favorite real-time data is right in the Acquia network for all you Drupal and Acquia customers. That means if you’re already using Acquia and Chartbeat, you’ll just install the plugin and start seeing your data immediately.

And if you’re new to Chartbeat but are already running your website through Drupal, you can sign up for Chartbeat and integrate these real-time stats right in your Acquia Insights Dashboard in just a couple seconds. So, you’ll get all your real-time audience behavior, traffic, and social data, all in one place.

Pretty awesome to be creating and monitoring content in the same spot, huh?

Why did we partner with Acquia?

With 2% of the world’s websites running on Drupal, Acquia provides products, services, and technical support for the open source Drupal social publishing system. From a single page blog to large web sites, Acquia makes deployment of your single-page blogs or giant website pretty damn seamless and continuous.

Since so many of you guys are using Drupal to publish your content and Chartbeat to monitor and act on your real-time site, app, and social data, it seems like a match made in internet heaven for us.

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