Meet the Five Women You’ll Be Working for in 2020

Today, we had the most fun, rewarding, inspiring day at the Chartbase in…well…maybe ever.

We invited five young ladies from The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria to join us for a job shadowing day that the school runs for their sophomores.

TYWLS of Astora, Chartbeat (and G-raph), Tumblr and Betaworks crews

To be totally candid, we had no idea what to expect : Would they be used to using the internet? Would they have Facebook pages? Did they understand what a startup was? Had they taken HTML classes or surprise us by being JavaScript geniuses? Hell, they could be Chartbeat customers already for all we knew.

Because that’s the problem with technology in schools right now. It varies so much. And while the tech sector continues to blow up in NYC and all over the country/world….we’re not teaching it (at least not consistently) anywhere. Which completely blows my mind.

The Young Women’s Leadership Schools are doing an amazing job, actually. We learned that these gals had classes on social media available to them and a bunch of them had Tumblr blogs of their own. But still none of these girls knew what coding was. So we started there with our day.

We decided to walk them through some of the basics of what it takes to build a startup:

  1. Identify a problem
  2. Know your audience
  3. Have a simple idea
  4. Work with smart people to build a solution
  5. Market that solution
  6. Learn from your users and iterate

Not only did they get it, but they built their own start up! A project called StudentConnect that would be a website and app that is a student’s best friend – sharing everything from what’s for lunch in the cafeteria that day (complete with real pics of those Sloppy Joes) and real-time communicating snow days to giving your friends a heads up on that 3rd period pop quiz and a calendar of homework and upcoming after-school activities.

By the end of the day, these little ladies learned a lot of things. But the one comment that brought a tear to our eye “Before I came in here, I didn’t even know what coding was, now I want to learn it today. This was awesome.”

So, internet community, we’ve created a Tumblr of ways they (and everyone) can get started:

We’re asking you to submit other startups, apps, blogs, ideas that we can add to this page and constantly keep it growing, so the next generation has no choice but to beat us at our own game. And we’ll like it.

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