Chartbeat Master Class: Martin Tajur

Today, we’re psyched to introduce a new feature on the chartbeat blog – the chartbeat Master Class. We have really cool customers who think of amazing and unique ways to use real-time data…so why not show it off?

Who knows, using their tips and tricks might make your life a little easier, too!

Our developers LOVED this technique when they heard about it. It’s a no-nonsense, cool use of the engagement features on the dashboard.

Martin Tajur, a web app developer for listhingspipedrive, and skitrackapp is always working to make his products better. But since his apps are in constant use, it’s tough for him to know when to push out changes, especially ones that require a server restart.

When it’s time to push a change, Martin uses the engagement features to check what his users are doing and waits for them to stop writing before pushing the changes. That way no one gets disturbed. Pretty neat!


If you’re using chartbeat in a slick way, we’d love to hear about it and maybe feature you in our Master Class series. Drop me a line on Twitter or email with your best move and if it makes the blog, we’ll send you a righteous chartbeat t-shirt!

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