Sprucing Things Up Around Here

We’ve been busy! Over the past six months, the chartbeat crew has more than doubled in size to 18(!!) energetic and eclectic people. And between our development, product, and community teams, we have a lot to say.

We want to share some of the challenges that have come with tracking millions of people simultaneously across the web (and show off some sweet code), feature some of the awesome people who use our products along with the inventive ways they’re using chartbeat, and tell you all about new and exciting features and products as they’re built. Hmmm, did we hear someone say ‘newsbeat’?

To share all this great stuff without giving everyone information overload, we’re reorganizing things a bit.

As of today, you’ll find all developer and technical posts on the brand new Chartbeat Engineering blog. You should check it out!

Product updates and other chartbeat community posts will stay here. And, of course, you can always get the latest updates for both blogs on Twitter.

Now that you know where to find us, stay tuned! We have some fun stuff coming up very soon…

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