Announcing chartbeat labs

We’re proud to present our labs section here at chartbeat. This is where we test new things, that might or might not turn in to full-fledged products some day. A chance for us to show some of our many cool ideas to the world.
The first labs project is “the big board”(1):


chartbeat big board for


It is meant to be used on a big monitor without user interaction, and constantly shows an overview of the top pages of your site in real time. If you are a customer you can open the big board for all your domains on If you are not a customer you can see a demo of the big board for
This is just the first of many labs projects. We hope to add many more in the coming months!

6 thoughts on “Announcing chartbeat labs

  1. We’re experimenting a bit with chartbeat for our clients currently. Your Bigboard lab tool works like a charm, and is really something some of our bigger sites would like to have displayed permanently somewhere on a monitor on the wall I think. Simple but great! Keep up the good work i would say.

    Suggestion: remove the up and down arrows at each refresh.
    Furthermore, when measuring more sites results are moved on top of each other.

    • Thanks for the kind words!

      The up and down arrows should really display a trend of the page (over the last couple of minutes for example), and not just for the last couple of seconds. Would that make sense? We know about the multi-site bug. Need to get around to fix that :)

  2. Yes, that makes sense. However, if the arrow shows a trend it might become a bit confusing, since the actual number might decrease but the trend might be upward. What I currently like is the simplicity of the thing (perfect for marketeers :-)

    I also saw another issue, probably also a known bug, on the AVC demo: an increasing number of empty entries in the list. The longer I looked, the more I saw (or did not see, since they were empty :-). Browser: Chrome.

  3. How about enhancing /toppages to take a list of hosts? An optional parameter flatten (defaulting to true) would allow you to return per-host data while not breaking the API. Thanks.

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