Isn’t that the coolest thing you’ve seen!

Those were the words of the presenter at Web 2.0 Expo who followed Chartbeat’s launch during the Keynote. That presenter was Jeffrey Veen of Adaptive Path, who, as the project lead on what became Google Analytics, knows a thing or two about good analytics.

We’ve had an overwhelming response since launch with the number of signups greatly exceeding our expectations. Here’s a selection of what people have been saying:

Both Internet News and Web Monkey noted the enthusiastic response to the launch presentation:

‘During Hershberger’s live demo, you could see audience members at the Web 2.0 Expo straighten their backs in full attention. Hershberger remarked about those raptured during the site’s demo period. “The people I’ve talked to have said they can spend all day looking at this, and while I agree, I don’t think that’s realistic. That’s why we have alerts.” Webmonkey

‘Hershberg’s demonstration of [Chartbeat] was greeted with enthusiasm… Aside from the sheer coolness factor, it was hard to miss the interest with which a business audience greeted a tool to capture real-time data about the effectiveness of social media — a sure sign that social media have reached into the enterprise’s business consciousness.’

Fred Wilson praised chartbeat’s user-friendly UI and capabilities:

‘Chartbeat combines a very slick and appealing UI with lots of real-time data that I’ve never been able to get on this blog until now.’

Other sites focused on the ease of setup:

‘Great!  This sounds like an awesome service that I want to use.  But how much coding or configuring will I have to do in order to get it to work?  All it takes is one simple line of Javascript inserted into your site code.  One!  At which point it will automatically ping Chartbeat’s servers every 10 seconds.’

‘I just did an install on two of my sites. . . The time from sign up to install to seeing stats in the panel was literally 5 minutes FOR BOTH SITES.’ Bruce Marler

While pointed out how essential it is to get real-time analytics on your site:

‘Using typical analytics tools to determine what’s happening on your website or blog in real time is like driving down the street while only using your rear-view mirrors to see. 9 out of 10 times you’ll hit that neighbor kid on a skateboard….The only way to prevent the online equivalent of vehicular manslaughter is to have some kind of real time analytics that can tell you what’s happening on your website at any given moment. How many people are there, what stories are they looking at, and most importantly what’s the load time? Nothing kills that hot expose on Guy Kawasaki like your site crashing from too much traffic.A new analytics tool called Chartbeat is available now and aims to do all that and more,  providing all kinds of juicy real time website info wrapped up in a nifty dashboard.’

We’ve also seen a great response on Twitter and we’d like to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments. It’s great to see a project we’ve worked so hard on be received so well. Your comments will help us build a more useful and relevant service for you, so please keep the feedback coming!

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